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To migrate or not to migrate, that is the question.

(Article one by Ángela Rodríguez) 

As probably all of you know, Spain is now going through a very complex crisis and although we’re recovering, we still are in a difficult situation. That’s the reason why now a lot of Spanish people are wondering if migrating will be a better solution for their lifes.

Not many years ago, Spain was one of the countries that gave Europe and America more inmigrants. Now our situation is not that bad, but as I said a lot of people still migrate to other countries.

Here you can see a chart which shows how much migrations have increased in Spain and have decreased in Germany during these last years:


Well, now I’m going to explain you a brief history of the Spanish migrations.

 A brief history of our migrations.

They started in 1846 when people decided to go to North and South America to live a new experience. But in 1932 South America suffered a crisis and Spanish people prefered to stay in our country.


Also, from 1830 to 1914 Spanish people migrated to France to find a better job, especially farmers.

During our Second Republic (1931-1939) an internal migration was developped, and lots of people went to big cities to work in the factories.

In 1939 when Franco got the power, he forbade international migrations and again people started to leave the countryside to work in the cities.


When international migrations were allowed again, a big number of Spanish people emigrated to other European countries such as France, Switzerland or Germany, but they used to come back here when they had earned some money to create a business.

Finally, now Spain is a recipient of inmigrants from countries like China, Bolivia or Morocco.

 Different types of migrations in Spain.

 Internal migrations: A movement inside a country. Inside internal migrations there are two types:

Urban to rural and rural to urban. They are not very common nowadays in Spain.

International migrations: Movement to another country. Normally they are economic migrations, that is, people go to a different country to find a job. They are the most common.

Compulsory migrations: People migrate because of strong push factors. That is the case of the refugees.


 But there is also a new type of migration, called brain drain.