Project meeting – Münich

I’ll start by telling you that I thank you very much to those who made this travelling, possible and, those who set up this project. I am proud that I had the opportunity to participate in this project and I hope that I will be attending in the future.
In this project I met wonderful people who helped me to regard the world with different eyes and to be more aware of taking a decision, in the near future. I’ve made new friends from countries that are members of the project, with whom I will keep in touch and I hope that I will meet them again, in the shortest time. Even though, I haven’t spent much time together, as there has been closely tied a connection between us.
In Munich I visited many beautiful places. The cathedrals from the city centre, impressed me, having a distinctive architecture and are decked out in history and plenty of peace and stillness. The Center is magnificent. The visit through Munich should not bypass the Viktualienmarkt market. Here you can find traditional products: meat products, varieties of cheese, beer …. This market is the Heaven of the gourmands. I was amazed at the fact that in Munich live many people of different nationalities. As I really say, that, I would love to live in Munich.
What I liked the most was the English garden which is a gorgeous place and where you can walk quietly. Another great place is the castle of Nymphenburg. Truly it is a castle in the real meaning of the word. It is full of history and luxury. The week I spent in Munich I had several activities beside the Mittelschule school with the school students and the students from countries members of the project. We had activities like: chess, sewing, painting, presentation of folk costumes and many more. Thursday night we had a beautiful party in the school canteen. What I liked most was the presentation of popular costumes because I had the opportunity to see folk costumes from different countries. I also liked the idea of making clothes eco.
Unfortunately for me, it ended too soon this meeting in Munich. I was upset when I left, but on our return journey I remembered these words: „you should not be upset that it finished, we should be happy that it happened.” – Roxana Maxim, Colegiul “Vasile Lovinescu”, Romania

The hardest time for me has come, to express my feelings lived in the 7 days of freedom.I lived this freedom to the max, I felt the difference in mentality and civilization between countries, but in the same time I realized that, although coming from different places we were able to understand, to have the same ideals, the same dreams that we give our youth and desire to become something in life. The days reality brought me to the German school Mittelschule, where together with my classmates and teachers have had exchanges on different subjects, I learned about the school that hosted the meeting, we met our colleagues from the participating countries and I found out the program for that special week. Also at the music workshop meeting was for me a dream fulfilled when along with other “singers” have offered a concert. I was impressed by the professional basketball players in Munich and the slam dunk team which left me speechless at the half time show by the way  they knew how to make the sport a show. Munich is a great city with nice, calm people, downtown was full of visitors from all over the world eager to see and know the truth about the beauty of the places but especially about the German discipline. The old architecture delight’s you and makes you feel like back in time as it was during the visit to the castle Nymphenburg. The paintings, the furniture and the art objects were beautiful and show inestimable value preserved over the centuries. I liked everything I saw, the way we were treated, was something new, an experience that I’d like to live in another country. – Daniel Brajinca, Colegiul “Vasile Lovinescu”, Romania





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